domingo, 12 de septiembre de 2010

15 años sin Jeremy

Hoy se cumplen 15 años desde que el gran Jeremy Brett nos dejó. Lamento mucho no haber tenido ocasión de acabar la entrada sobre él anunciada en la columna lateral. No obstante, brindamos por su memoria; lo hacemos, a riesgo de caer en el tópico, con esta entrañable canción. Innecesario insistir en el error sobre la productora de la serie.

I'm in love with jeremy brett
he was the single greatest sherlock holmes yet
in a series on the bbc
I used to watch him here on a & e

hair slicked back and impecably dressed
his only prop could be a single cigarette
he was an actor in the old regaurd
who took the stage intent to fully become his part

he was a sort of dandy in the classic tradition,
a bon vivant filled with bouts of depression

sundown sunday, kensington high street
in a cabretta with a floral scarf
london's yours, man you got macbeth tonight
a scull in your hands in the fire light
tobacco and champagne and you're feelin alright!
a cab across town and a kiss goodnight

he played a holmes that was deep and dark with faults -
richly complex & brilliantly detailed
a "Damaged penguin" with genious intuition
an animated spider with singular vision
who's only need was a case to consume him
to stave his addiction to a certain solution

David Burke and Edward Hardwicke,
played it perfect as his friend and companion
a kind hearted, affable watson
everyready with a loyal hand in
any case that holmes would command him
I always felt holmes couldn't do with out him

brett's wife died back '85
all the grief triggered manic depression
could see it in his face - that he was heavily grieving
(his heart grew thin and finally stopped beating)

jeremy brett
I never knew you
OH! Darling!
I dedicate this song to you!